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Partnership Agreement between Sports Innovators Group and Jamaica Golf Association for Jamaica Open Golf Tournament

Jamaica Golf Association

The Sports Innovators Group (SIG) and the Jamaica Golf Association (JGA) have formed a partnership to support the hosting of the prestigious Jamaica Open Golf Tournament. SIG will utilize its relationships and connections to enhance the event and promote Jamaica as a brand in the golfing world. To achieve this, SIG has proposed partnering with ASM Sports Group, which will facilitate the invitation of international scouts and professional golfers, further elevating the tournament's profile.

Under the partnership agreement, SIG will provide valuable support to the JGA in organizing and executing agreed-upon events each year, with a focus on event planning, execution, and monetization of commercial properties associated with these events. SIG will also collaborate with the JGA on marketing and public relations strategies, campaigns, and other related activities to ensure the successful promotion of the events.

In addition, the partnership extends to the JGA assisting SIG in the execution of one SIG-owned event annually. This reciprocal arrangement allows for mutual support and collaboration between the two organizations, further fostering the growth and development of golf in Jamaica.

An essential aspect of the partnership entails SIG organizing and managing the JGA's premier event, the 'Jamaica Open.' This responsibility includes ensuring the smooth running of the tournament and coordinating the association's annual Awards Gala, adding prestige and professionalism to the event.

By joining forces, SIG and the JGA aim to elevate the Jamaica Open Golf Tournament to new heights, attracting international attention and participation. The partnership demonstrates a shared commitment to the growth of golf in Jamaica and the promotion of the country as a desirable golfing destination. Through their collaboration, SIG and the JGA seek to create a memorable and impactful tournament experience for players, spectators, and golf enthusiasts from around the world.