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SIG and ASM Partners to Provide Student Athlete Scholarships

ASM Sports Group

Sports Innovators Group (SIG) are excited to partner with ASM Sports Group Company (ASM Scholarships) in connecting student athletes with U.S. and Canadian Colleges within the NCAA, NAIA and NJCAA to provide sports scholarships and fund student athletes' education and sport.

ASM is owned by ASM Sports Group and is registered in Florida, while SIG is a Jamaican boutique sporting agency. In 2022, these two entities agreed to collaborate with SIG identifying talent within the Caribbean region and connect them to ASM Scholarships who will provide free student scholarship assessment and show parents and students possibilities for those athletes deemed eligible for scholarship placement. ASM Scholarships will then connect these student athletes with the appropriate colleges and universities.

The SIG/ASM Partnership represents a glorious opportunity for student athletes to develop in both education and sport with the requisite financial support!

ASM Services

ASM Sports group provides the complete global sport pathway built from its main pillars ASM Scholarships, ASM Elite, and ASM Careers. Beginning with ensuring young athletes are prepared to be scholarship candidates in the US college system, ensuring all vocational career & employment opportunities are available upon graduation with our partnered global Companies, as well as providing all Elite ASM athletes with the guidance of our professional management team to fuel a professional career in their sport.

Sport Scholarships

Are you an athlete that wants to play in college? ASM is here to help

Academic Scholarships

Our team will help you reach your full potential in getting a good scholarships

Elite / NIL

Want to earn money while playing your sport in college? Well help you get sponsorships!

Succes Stories

Hear from our very own athletes and what their journey was like with ASM.