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Jamaica Basketball Association
Jamaica Basketball Showcase
July 28 - 30, 2022

About the tournament

The inaugural Jamaica Basketball Showcase (JBS) is a male championship featuring the best of Jamaica in regions with invited players from USA, Canada and the Bahamas. The three day championship will highlight basketball as one of Jamaica's primary sports. It is our intention at Sports Innovators Group (SIG) to host this as an annual event. We thank our partners for the inaugural event and we look forward to having a successful production.

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Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

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$500.00 Thursday & Friday

$750.00 Saturday

Tickets available at:

Express Fitness

Constant Spring Road and Half-Way-Tree locations

SIG Offices

9 Eastwood Ave; Call 876 627 0146


Starting Thursday, July 28, 2022


DaysTimes of matchesMatch ups
Thursday9:30Warm up and team introduction
 10:00Lignum Vitae vs Blue Mahoe
 11:30P.h.a.s.e.1 vs Central Warriors
 1:00CBA vs Hummingbirds
 3:00Central Warriors vs Blue Mahoe
 4:30P.h.a.s.e.1 vs CBA
 6:00Lignum Vitae vs Hummingbirds
Friday10:00Central Warriors vs CBA
 11:30Lignum Vitae vs P.h.a.s.e.1
 1:00Blue Mahoe vs Hummingbirds
 3:00Central Warriors vs Lignum Vitae
 4:30Hummingbirds vs P.h.a.s.e.1
 6:00CBA vs Blue Mahoe
Saturday DJ Juggling
  Dunk Contest
  Fan Engagement
  Closing Ceremony


Day One (Thursday) Player of the Match 
Match 1Lignum Vitae 44Blue Mahoe 35Xavier CarkeLignum Vitae
Match 2P.h.a.s.e 1 51Central Warriors 35David GordonP.h.a.s.e 1
Match 3CBA 55Hummingbirds 37Matthew McGowanCBA
Match 4Central Warriors 54Blue Mahoe 44Alex LevyBlue Mahoe
Match 5CBA 34P.h.a.s.e 1 42Anthony WhiteP.h.a.s.e 1
Match 6Hummingbirds 52Lignum Vitae 49Jadeja McCormackHummingbirds
Day Two (Friday) Player of the Match 
Match 1Central Warriors 36CBA 39Lushane WilsonCBA
Match 2Lignum Vitae 43P.h.a.s.e 1 49Romar ParkesLignum Vitae
Match 3Blue Mahoe 44Hummingbirds 40Alex LevyBlue Mahoe
Match 4Central Warriors 44Lignum Vitae 47Romar ParkesLignum Vitae
Match 5Hummingbrids 41P.h.a.s.e 1 49Nicholai BrownP.h.a.s.e 1
Match 6CBA 80Blue Mahoe 75Matthew McGowan/Alex LevyCBA & Blue Mahoe
Day Three (Saturday)Final Score
FinalP.h.a.s.e 1CBA 
Tournament MVP Roman Parkes, Lignum Vitae

The Venue

University of Technology, Jamaica Alfred Sangster Auditorium


Grace Kennedy Western Union